Day 1
11 Jul 2023

Welcome Remarks

Yiannis Thomatos, Managing Partner, Tsomokos Communications
Yiannis Thomatos

Opening Remarks

Dimitrios Pefanis, Manager, CNN Greece
Dimitrios Pefanis

Keynote Speech: Challenges and Opportunities for the Greek Banking System

Yannis Stournanas, Governor, Bank of Greece
Yannis Stournaras
Yannis Stournaras

Focus: The road towards investment grade – Outside looking in PART I

Samuel Tilleray, Sovereign Ratings Analyst, S&P Global (online)
Goksenin Karagoz, Banking Analyst, S&P Global (online)
Moderator: Dimitrios Pefanis, Manager, CNN Greece
Samuel Tilleray
Goksenin Karagoz
Dimitrios Pefanis

Focus: The road towards investment grade – Inside looking out

Ilias Lekkos, Chief Economist & Head of Investment Strategy, Piraeus Bank
Tasos Anastasatos, Group Chief Economist, Eurobank
Fay Makantasi, Research Director, diaNEOsis, Greece
Moderator: Dimitrios Pefanis, Manager, CNN Greece
Ilias Lekkos
Tasos Anastasatos
Fay Makantasi
Dimitrios Pefanis

Focus: The road towards investment grade – Outside looking in PART II

Federico Barriga Salazar, Director, Fitch Ratings (online)
Moderator: Dimitrios Pefanis, Manager, CNN Greece
Federico Barriga Salazar
Dimitrios Pefanis

Financing the Economy – From SME’s to Corporate and Investment Banking

Vassilis Kazas, Managing Partner, Grant Thornton
Konstantinos Vassiliou, Deputy CEO, Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, Eurobank
Theodore Tzouros, Executive General Manager, Chief Corporate & Investment Banking, Piraeus Bank
Moderator: Yannis Papadogiannis, Chief Editor and Owner at
Vassilis Kazas
Konstantinos Vassiliou
Theodore Tzouros
Yannis Papadogiannis

Keynote Speech: The day after for the Greek Economy

Harry Theoharis, Deputy Minister of Finance for taxation matters
Harry Theoharis

Fireside chat

Sofia Galatoula, Head of Projects and Products, tbi bank
Moderator: Dimitris Mallas, Journalist, CNN Greece
Dimitris Mallas
Sofia Galatoula


Ernestos Panayiotou, General Manager Transformation, Strategy & International Activities, National Bank Of Greece
Konstantinos Kazas, Partner & Head of Financial Services, Grant Thornton
Aristotelis Chantavas, Head of Europe, Enel Green Power, President of SolarPower Europe
Moderator: Dimitrios Pefanis, Manager, CNN Greece
Konstantinos Kazas
Αριστοτέλης Χαντάβας
Aristotelis Chantavas
Dimitrios Pefanis
Ernestos Panayiotou

Providing Liquidity to the Economy

Athina Chatzipetrou, CEO, Hellenic Development Bank
Nikos Mantzoufas, Governor RRF Greece Ministry of Finance / Recovery And Resilience Facility Coordination Agency
Eirini Botonaki, Global Relationship Manager, Banking Sector Greece, European Investment Bank
Chris Allen, DG ECFIN Resident Adviser in Athens, European Commission
Moderator: Aimilios Perdikaris, Chairman of the Board and General Manager, Athens/Macedonian News Agency (AMNA)
Athina Chatzipetrou
Nikolaos Mantzoufas
Eirini Botonaki
Chris Allen
Aimilios Perdikaris


Keynote Speech: Providing the infrastructure for growth

Christos Staikouras, Minister of Infrastructure & Transport
Christos Staikouras

Digitizing the Economy: Lessons and opportunities

Dimitris Giantsis, General Director of Projects, Information Society
George Xenofos, executive member of EPSILON NET Fintech committee
Moderator: Dimitris Mallas, Journalist, CNN Greece
Dimitris Giantsis
George Xenofos
Dimitris Mallas

Investing in Greece: Challenges and Opportunities

Gregory D. Dimitriadis, CEO & Executive Board Member, GROWTHFUND, the National Fund of Greece
George Tryfinopoulos, Head of Strategy, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
Stefanos Lialios, Country Director - Greece, CERO Generation
Ilias Kantzos, CEO, NBG Securities
Moderator: Amalia Katzou, Manager,
Gregory D. Dimitriadis
George Tryfinopoulos
Stefanos Lialios
Ilias Kantzos
Amalia Katzou

Fireside chat

Nikolaos Karamouzis, Chairman, Grant Thornton / Executive Chairman, SMERemediumCap
Moderator: Dimitrios Pefanis, Manager, CNN Greece
Nikolaos Karamouzis
Dimitrios Pefanis

Digital euro – Prospects & Challenges

Jürgen Schaaf, Adviser, European Central Bank (ECB)
Moderator: Christos Panagopoulos, Journalist, Editor in Chief
Jürgen Schaaf
Christos Panagopoulos